About meBooks

meBooks (MindMaps eBooks) is a collection of weird and wonderful eBooks compiled by MindMaps ZA (MMZA) over time. During the course of its lifespan MMZA has been involved in a variety of exploits that necessitated many hours of research. This time spent on gathering information must have a value. Time is, after all, our scarcest and therefore most valuable resource.

meBooks are made available either free of charge, at nominal value or at perceived value prices.

Ordering meBooks

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Simply complete the online order form. On receipt of your order you will be invoiced and on receipt of payment your meBook will be sent to you.

meBooks available for order

  • meCustom (To follow soon)
  • meRugby – Various Rugby related links
  • meTTTs – Inspiration & motivation

meRugby – US$ 0.00

Having been involved with Rugby and Rugby related issues since we can remember, and especially having been involved extensively with Ghana Rugby since 2014 we have built up an extensive reference framework. This is what you will find in meRugby.

  • Links To Major Rugby News Media
  • Links To Tournament Sites
  • Links to Websites / Blogs
  • World Rugby Links
  • Asia Rugby Links
  • Oceania Rugby Links
  • Rugby Afrique / Africa Links
  • Rugby Americas North Links
  • Rugby Europe Links
  • Sudamerica Rugby Links
  • Supporter Clubs From Around The World Links

Last updated: 26 March 2017

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About meTTS – US$ 0.00

Are we not all looking for inspiration and motivation in those times when things just look a bit gloomy?

meTTTs (Three Things Today) is a collection that we have built up over time and consists of inspirations with:

  • Music – Reference to a YouTube video and lyrics
  • Quote – A related quotation
  • Image – A related image

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